Super Bowl Bettors Can Wager On Trump's Behavior Before And During The Game

by Penn Collins

January 25, 2018

In 2017, Americans bet a staggering $4.7 billion on Super Bowl LI, thanks largely to the participation of casual bettors in scoring pools and casino bets alike. Knowing that not every potential bettor is an expert of the game itself, offshore and Vegas bookmakers offer hyperspecific “prop” bets that let fans bet on everything from the length of the national anthem performance to the number of times Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel wife of Tom Brady, will be shown on the broadcast

Given the political climate in America, bookmakers know that including the nation’s presently divisive president on the menu of bets is a sure way to spark engagement, so as was the case with last year’s game, Donald Trump’s behavior will be the subject of speculation as well.  

While only some of the laundry list of Super Bowl prop bets are Trump-related, they’re included by sports books because they know that people can’t help themselves when it comes to predicting Trump’s behavior with as erratic as it can be. If history’s any indication, he’ll be watching — if not attending. 

To that end, several bets may have Trump obsessives and speculators putting down cash on some decidedly non-football-related behaviors. 

If you’re interested in betting the over/under on the number of Trump tweets made during the game, My Top Sportsbooks has that number at 3.5, which means you can bet he’ll make three or fewer tweets during the game or you can bet that he’ll make four or more tweets during the game. History may favor the “over” on that one. 

As for other Trump behavior that one can place some action on, the list from My Top Sports Books is as strange as one would imagine

Odds Donald Trump records a pre-game interview with NBC: 9/1

Odds Donald Trump will insult _____ via Twitter during game

  • the NFL as a whole: 3/4
  • any black NFL player: 3/1
  • any white NFL player: 30/1
  • Justin Timberlake: 39/1
  • the Eagles franchise: 49/1
  • the Patriots franchise: 99/1
  • Tom Brady: 1000/1

Odds the winning team visits White House

  • Patriots: 1/3
  • Eagles: 4/5

And finally, for the gambler who loves a long shot: 

Odds Donald Trump uses the Super Bowl as a distraction to escape the country: 999/1

Not likely, but there’s no harm in betting against his exit from America because, hey, it’s win-win. 

Share image via Bryan R. Smith/Getty Images.

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