Thanks To AR Technology, Super Bowl Fans Can View Their Seats Before Buying

by Penn Collins

January 19, 2018

It’s no secret that the Super Bowl serves as the holy grail of sporting events, with national demand driving ticket prices into the stratosphere in the weeks leading up to the game. Now StubHub, the largest ticket-reselling platform for concert and sports events, is allowing customers to get a whole new perspective on their purchase before dropping down thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on their purchase. 

Soon, StubHub’s iPhone app will incorporate augmented reality technology to provide customers a dynamic 3D view of the stadium and their seats’ location before buying. 

Images such as this one improve on the typically two-dimensional bird’s-eye views that most venues and brokerage companies provide. 

Photo via Stubhub.

Considering the vast majority of Super Bowl fans are out-of-towners — though that could change with a Vikings win Jan. 21, making this the first Super Bowl with a true “home team” — the AR offerings will also include renderings of the cityscape, showing the stadium’s proximity to complementary services such as parking garages, public transportation lines, as well as affiliated Super Bowl events. 

Photo via StubHub.

Should the Vikings make the big game with a win over the Eagles, ticket prices are expected to reach record-high levels, as locals will save on travel and lodging, instead of deploying that money to the ticket itself, raising prices. Such was the case just two weeks ago as the University Georgia fans ponied up big bucks to watch their team play in the National Championship game in nearby Atlanta. 

In addition to providing value for fans considering the massive cash layout for tickets, the timing of the announcement no doubt affords StubHub media coverage as the sporting world tends to consume all stories surrounding the Super Bowl with a voracious appetite in the preceding weeks. 

Sure, the development won’t make the tickets any more attainable for 99% of football fans out there, but for those who are looking to spend their money as wisely as possible, this development may afford them a little more comfort and certainty in their purchase. 

Share image via StubHub.

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