Senegal Beats Poland By Scoring The Sneakiest Goal Of The World Cup

by Tod Perry

June 19, 2018

Poland fans are crying foul after losing to Senegal on a sneaky goal by a player who seemed to come out of nowhere. 

 With an hour left in Senegal’s World Cup match versus Poland, the team had a 1-0 lead when its striker, M’Baye Niang, went down with an injury. A minute later, he magically appeared on the pitch, stole a back pass from Poland’s Grzegorz Krychowiak, and scored on an open net.

Those who watched the game were obviously shocked by Niang’s appearance in the backfield because no one knew he was there. But an instant replay from another angle shows the referee told him to re-enter just before the ill-fated back pass was played. 
Many people questioned whether the referee should have allowed Niang back on the pitch at that moment. But there is no specific rule for when a ref should or shouldn’t allow an injured player to re-enter the field. The rules simply state: “If the ball is in play, re-entry must be from the touchline [sideline].”

Senegal players were obviously excited after the win.

So was the manager.

The fans couldn’t have been more excited ...

… but they still remembered to clean up after the game.

Share image by Fox Soccer/YouTube

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