Leonard Fournette Shoots A Free Throw In The Jaguars’ Epic Touchdown Celebration

by Tod Perry

December 4, 2017

Over the past two years, the NFL has been mired in politics, controversial suspensions, and relocation talks that have pitted city against city. But the “No Fun League” did one thing to bring some levity back to the field this year: It allowed players more leeway for on-the-field celebrations. While celebrations featuring sexual or violent actions are still illegal, players can now choreograph routines with their teammates.

During their Dec. 3 game versus the Indianapolis Colts, the resurgent Jacksonville Jaguars opted for another type of extra point after a five-yard touchdown run by Leonard Fournette: an “and 1” shot. After the touchdown, Jaguars players lined up like NBA teams, and Fournette threw a “free-throw shot” right between the goal posts. 

Although the Jaguars’ celebration is an impressive piece of choreography, they’re not the first team to give a nod to another sport.

Golden Tate took a page out of the Rock’s book by dropping The People’s Elbow.

Golden Tate and Marvin Jones’ ping-pong celebration was on point as well.

While Tate and the Lions have had some great celebrations this year, their attempt at curling was a huge disaster.

Is duck, duck, goose a sport? Ask any 4-year-old and they’ll tell you yes. Here’s the Vikings playing a grown-up version of the preschool pastime.

The Eagles quickly got together for a home-run celebration with Torrey Smith at the bat and Carson Wentz as the umpire.

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