Hawaiian Golfer Keeps Playing After Rumored Missile Launch 

by Tod Perry

January 17, 2018

A popular hypothetical question at teenage slumber parties and on boring first dates goes something like this: “If you had only one day left to live, what would you do?”

Avid golfer Mark Gardner got to live out this scenario on Friday, Jan. 12, when an emergency text saying a missile was headed toward Hawaii was sent to residents of the Aloha State.

Before realizing the alert was a false alarm, Gardner sent a farewell message to his friends and family, which his daughter later posted on her Twitter page. “If you’re watching this video, that means I didn’t make it,” he said. But after that grim statement, Gardner, like any other avid golfer, got to the really important stuff. “I just parred the last hole and I hit the shiz-nick out of my ball. I love y’all, but I’m playing golf, and that’s the last thing I’m gonna do.”

Gardner’s video is going viral because he didn’t panic or run for shelter while under the threat of nuclear annihilation. Instead, Gardner decides to go on doing what he loves and letting the chips (on the course or otherwise) fall where they may. “My father will live and die golfing,” Gardner’s daughter, Alohi, posted on Twitter.

Gardner’s video got some great responses on Twitter, here’s a few:

Share image by Green Apple Network/YouTube.

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