Random Act of Sport: Quick-Thinking Soccer Fan Saves Kid From Wayward Kick

by Penn Collins

February 15, 2017

Soccer player Ashley Barnes probably isn’t in the habit of thanking people that stop his shots but he owes one fan a bit of gratitude. Otherwise, there’s a decent chance he’d be visiting a kid in the hospital as a result of his own errant kick

The Burnley player took a shot on the Chelsea goal in a recent rainy match, but the combination of a wet ball and wet shoe Caused Barnes to shank the ball hard into the stands and towards an unsuspecting tot in his mom’s arms.

As the video shows, mom wraps the child up in one arm but is unable to deflect the ball. Fortunately, a Burnley fan behind her deftly reaches over to deflect the ball before it makes impact. Someone owes that man a beer -or a goalkeeper contract. 

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